February 17, 2023

Data Roaming - Healer Of Wounds EP

The Healer of Wounds EP represents a shift in chapters, artistry and time for both the Data Roaming project and Lucas Hansen as a person/artist. This body of work is revolved around a rather simple yet well known concept that time heals all wounds but in this case, so does music. Delve into the deep, crunchy and alien-like sounds that pollute Data Roaming's mind as this combination of deep neuro and minimalistic sound design solidifies his new signature sound moving forward. 'Healer of Wounds' as a single unit plays its role as both the title and opening track to the EP. The bass in this track is designed to progressively grow and evolve the longer it is played. This coupled with the dark and cinematic atmosphere that carries it makes for a powerful opening statement. Accompanying this song is the heavy hitting B-side know as 'Coattail Rider'. A deep, dark and minimal track built to take a stance of confidence that Data Roaming's sound is unique, powerful and not easily replicated. It ironically represents the fact that Data Roaming in fact rides no one's coattail and instead proudly wears his own, leading the way to his new and true sound.

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