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My audio products derive their influence from a love of music and my passion for beautiful furniture. The foundations of all my work are built upon a close partnership between traditional skills and modern audio engineering.


I aim to serve a growing demand for people who like me require an individual approach to their music, you could call it made to measure Hi Fi.

The Soldier amplifier

A world class integrated amplifier incorporating a high end phono stage, headphone amp and wireless streaming audio via the Raspberry Pi computer.


By using the Raspberry Pi computer in our design we are able to stream music from Android and iOS devices.

MM and MC phonostage

A unique in-house designed phono stage and low noise PSU.

Heaphone amp

Dedicated heaphone amp allows safe listening levels through your favourite set of cans.

The Tailor loudspeaker

Using walnut cabinets and exclusive fabrics from Maharam, supplier to Paul Smith, helps create an elegant  timeless look. This look really does match the sound, offering a truly stunning piece of acoustic furniture.


My loudspeaker designs use metal cone fulll range drivers and require no crossover. It’s my belief that the less to get in the way of the signal path, the better the sound.

Mark Audio Alpair

Designed by Mark Audio it is one of the most advanced full range drivers in the World.


Aluminium cone full range driver, derived from the world famous Jordan JX92.

The Tinker loudspeaker

A compact, hand made loudspeaker. Designed for the best sound in smaller locations such as a studio or office, small lounge or study.


This design uses a compact wide band driver with a hand turned solid wood cabinet. I've chosen Olive wood as it complements and highlights the materials within the loudspeaker. The base is also hand turned from Corian.

Tang Band W3-1878

A tiny but outstanding wide band driver, with powerful underhung magnet and unique copper phase plug

The maker

My passion for audio design has been bordering on obsessive to the point where it even influenced my choice in girlfriends, though she insists that she chose me. Back in college my girlfriend drove a Toyota estate, big enough to get a four foot pair of transmission line speakers in the back. I have been with her ever since!


My training in product design gave me access to a suite of workshops, and furnished me with skills that elevated my interest in Hi Fi.

Have an idea?

Please get in touch directly if you are interested in any of my designs or want to chat about bringing your ideas to the world!

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