November 10, 2023

Dysphemic Ft. Yiani Treweeke - Apollo Remix Album

Expanding on the resonance of the 'Apollo' album, Dysphemic has brought together nine notable producers from around the world spanning the realms of drum and bass, techno, and glitch hop. The forthcoming remix album on 8Ball Audio pays homage to the multi genre original while exploring fresh sonic landscapes.

The remixed 'Apollo' retains the cinematic core of the original album blending the Mediterranean and Egyptian-Greek undertones of Dysphemic and close collaborator Yiani Treweeke with the fresh energy of guest producers. More than just a remix album, it's an exploration through the world of bass music, with each track crafted with care and passion.

Anticipate a reimagined 'Peyote Demon' with furious drum and bass percussion contrasted by 'Desert Hawk' taking on a mid-tempo stomp. From 'Primate' to ‘Arch Angel’, each track offers a unique sonic exploration.

Original Artwork - Grymlife
Remixed Artwork - Solitaire
Mastering - Plasma Lab & Serious About Sound

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