October 21, 2022

Enlil - Hydrous Viridity EP

Hydrous Viridity is a small collection of works with the intentionof encapsulating 3 different realms and feelings.The EP opens with Cathartic Starlings, a track that attemptsto convey the feeling of Fae forest energy through expression ofa magical, fantasy-based soundscape. This is coupled with contrasting neurofunk grooves to induce a strong sense of ecstatic movement on dancefloors.Hydrous Viridity follows, the realm in question is one of pure elemental forces.Hydrous, pertaining to water, and Viridity, meaning a sense of green (Viridian).This track has the intentions of an earthly yet aquatic nature.Finally there is Effervescence, the etherical crescendo of the 3 realms.This track contains within it only the purest intentions, conveying beauty and wonder within its story. Prepare for glistening, ambient soundscapes carried by throbbing melodic basslines. An endeavour in contrast of ethereal symphonies which circumambulate earth shattering low-end grooves."

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