June 30, 2023

Square Eyes - The Sleepless Elite EP

SQUARE.EYES powerful debut EP on 8Ball Audio

SQUARE.EYES joins the roster with his debut 8Ball Audio EP: The Sleepless Elite. Drawing inspiration from classic sci-fi and its exploration of the vast unknowns of the universe, Monolith sets the pace with a filtered chord progression and driving groove. The Sleepless Elite backs it up with dreamy synths and a heavy drop.

The Sleepless Elite is a tribute to a select group of individuals, those that thrive on less than 6hrs of sleep. Reactor unpacks a darker mood, investigating the threats of new technology and the ongoing coverup of information around the dangers they bring.

Split Shift sets the tempo back to close out the EP. Inspired by UK Grime and Garage, it works a unique groove around a thick 808 kick.

8BA017 - SQUARE.EYES - The Sleepless Elite

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